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1. How much are tickets?

Entry to our films is £6.00 per person, available on the door. We accept cash or card payments.

2. Do I need to be a member to attend a CKFS film screening?

No, you don’t have to be a member to attend a CKFS screening. Tickets are sold at the door! The main thing is to come and have an enjoyable evening.

3. How do you select the films?

First and foremost, CKFS committee members are passionate about film and bring a very good knowledge to the process. Secondly, we research films emphasizing those that have caught the attention of the media, particularly those that have either won or been nominated for awards. Third, and most importantly, we survey our audiences and do our best to select films which will appeal to their interests. We ask for audience feedback at our events and via our online communications, and treat their comments like gold dust.

CKFS looks at films throughout the year. In early summer we’ll finalise the selection after several meetings, bringing into the mix the processes mentioned above. Everyone puts forward his or her list of films. What’s good about the CKFS committee is that, while members advocate his or her own list of films, we listen well to each other and to the audience feedback we’ve received. It makes for an exciting, creative and fun process.

4. When do your films start?

Most of our films are on Friday evenings throughout the year. Doors open at 7 pm and film starts at 7.45 pm unless stated. Please see our film programme for all the dates and times.

5. Can I get a refund for my ticket?

No refunds are given for purchased tickets at the door. All ticket sales are, therefore, final.

6. Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes, please see a member of the film committee and let us know your interest. We can use help in many areas throughout the year (e.g. front of house, marketing, refreshments, hall management, technical and so on). Volunteering could also look good on a CV, and we’re pleased to recommend people who have helped CKFS in its development.

7.What is your seating capacity?

The hall has a capacity or around 170. We want to make sure audiences are comfortable and can enjoy our films, so we’ve put this limit to ensure this.

8. What is the age limit for your films?

We abide by the British Board of Film Classification system with respect to entry to our films. In addition, it is our intention not to show films above Certificate 15.

9. Are there intervals during our films?

There are no intervals scheduled for films in the 2023/24 season. However, in the future, if we show a lengthy film (e.g. Lawrence of Arabia, Gone With The Wind), we’ll consider it depending on feedback from our audience surveys.

10.What refreshments do you sell?

The kitchen offers a selection of refreshments including teas, coffees and cake, whilst the bar offers a selection of beers and wines and soft drinks.