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1. Off The Rails LS
2. The Father LS
3. Minari LS
4. Knives Out LS
5. Herself LS
6. Honeyland LS
7. Dream Horse LS
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2022 Film Programme

Off The Rails

7th January

Jules Williamson • 2021 • 94 mins • 15

Three friends in their fifties re-create an inter-rail journey across Europe, with 18-year-old Maddie taking her mother’s place, fulfilling her mother’s dying wish. Kelly Preston’s last film.

The Father

28th January

Florian Zeller • 2020 • 97 mins • 12A

Anthony Hopkins plays an ageing man who refuses to accept help from his daughter, Olivia Colman. As he tries to understand his changing circumstances, he starts to doubt his loved ones, his mind, and even his reality.


18th February

Lee Isaac Chung • 2020 • Subtitles • 115 mins • 12A

A tender story about what roots us. A Korean–American family relocates from California to rural Arkansas to follow the American Dream. Despite the challenges they face, Minari underlines the importance of family and just what makes a home. 

Knives Out

11th March

Rian Johnson • 2019 • 130 mins • 12A

Daniel Craig plays Benoit Blanc, an inquisitive detective called in to investigate the death of renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). Everyone in Thrombey’s dysfunctional family is a suspect. Can Blanc untangle the web of lies and red herrings?


1st April

Phyllida Lloyd • 2020 • 97 mins • 15

Single-mother Sandra (Clare Dunne), trapped in temporary accommodation with two young children after escaping from an abusive partner, decides to build her own house with the support of a friendly community. Can she rebuild her life alongside the house? 


29th April

Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov • 2019 • Subtitles • 89 mins • 12

Filmed in Macedonia, Honeyland features a lonely bee farmer whose life is disrupted when a family of nomadic beekeepers threatens her livelihood. This riveting documentary shows in mesmerising detail a way of life in a forgotten place many will find hard to imagine.

Dream Horse

20th May

Euros Lyn • 2020 • 113 mins • PG

Dream Alliance is an unlikely racehorse bred by small town bartender Jan Vokes (Toni Collette). Based on a true story, the film follows Jan and her neighbours as the dream becomes reality and their horse becomes a beacon of hope for a struggling community.